Month: June 2024

    Explore Sicily by motorhome

    Exploring Sicily by motorhome is an excellent choice for an adventurous and flexible vacation. Let’s dive into some essential tips and information about Sicilian tourism.

    Sicilian Destinations


    The capital city of Sicily, Palermo, offers historic buildings, vibrant street markets, and cultural attractions. Don’t miss the Cappella Palatina and Palazzo dei Normanni.


    Visit Catania to explore its rich history, including the Catania Cathedral and Castello Ursino.


    Take an excursion to Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, with Etna Sicily Touring.

    Motorhome Rentals in Europe

    Renting a motorhome in Europe allows you to explore at your own pace. Consider starting in a country that drives on the right side of the road for convenience. Sicily and most of Europe tolerate wild camping (staying off-grid) more than the UK. Explore beautiful spots away from crowded campsites. Europe has nearly 3,000 campgrounds for motorhomes. Australia and New Zealand offer even more options. Modern motorhomes are well-equipped with spacious interiors, storage, and comfortable beds. Enjoy the freedom to venture off the beaten path.

    Renting a Motorhome

    Renting an RV in Europe is cost-effective compared to owning one. No long-term commitment required. Reserve your motorhome ahead of time to secure availability and better rates. Ensure you have a reliable GPS for stress-free travel. Remember, every newbie was once in your shoes, so embrace the adventure and enjoy your Sicilian motorhome journey